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Supply chain's software choice bases

Supply Chain solutions for end-users

With more and more software's vendors in the Supply chainbusiness, it becomes very difficult for the customer to make the best choice for his Supply chain softwares.

Thus, the choice of a Supply Chain solution is a heavy, long, risky, often marred by surprise, with a fluctuant timing, and an exceed budget to finally obtain a solution that does not completely answers to the needs.

BestFreeChoice has been created to suppress these difficulties. It aims to simplify your choice phase for all of your sypply chain softwares, to guarantee the success of the supply chain project and the adequacy of the system to your needs.

Based on a solid partners supply chain network, BestFreeCHoice's platform propose a complete and standard specification description,which will allow you to build quickly a shortlist, examining the totality of the vendor's offers.

Supply chain's software choice from the vendor size

You are a Supply Chain's software vendor, and your sales force answer regularly to the different requests for proposal.

You are frequently involved with the problem of whether your supply chain software matches the needs of the customer, if the customer's budget is in adequacy with your solution's tariff, and ultimately, you are reluctant to invest in preparing the pre-sales response.

You often decide to invest because you are frightened of missing an opportunity, but eventually you lose the case for reasons you don't understand. You have thus lost time and money, and you created a new frustration in your sales team.

By using BestFreeChoice's platform, you will be consulted on 100% on our supply chain software specification, and win all the time invested in pre-sales.

The BestFreeChoice platform for the supply chain

As a conclusion, no more time wasted in the Supply Chain choices, either on the customer or the vendor's side.
We offer you a knew automatic service, linking the main market players, based on clearly identified needs of the customer, on the skills of consulting firms and on the solutions available on vendor's portfolio.

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