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A standard invitation to tender (Request For Information)

Classical organization of a request for information tender of offer

The traditional process for making a request for information has many disadvantages for all the involved people (customer, vendor, consultant, ....

On the user side :

As a Supply Chain actor, this process makes you derive from your real job. The request for information are frequently the reflect of existing processes, when they should focus on the Best Practices, and target the image of your activity in the next 3 years. In addition, the writing of request for information is often not know to you, and you don't know all of the numerous vendors of the market, and thus it's very difficult for you to budget money for your project. This often generates some answers to the request for information, found "next to the plate" by ignorance of the busget planed by the customer.

On the vendor side :

With a win ratio of 25% on the request for information, vendor needs 3 losts requests for informationto hope to win one (but unfortunately, it's not so easy !). It means that a significant investment in pre-sales, for an hypothetical result. This brings the vendors to conduct qualification meetings, where some of the bids are topped, for the profit of those which they have more chances to win. In addition, the requests for information, even if sometimes they are similar, takes a long time to be filled with the answers.

At end, a Request for information cost about 100 days to the user/customer, and 10 days per vendor

Classical process for a request for information

Action Customer Vendor
Expression of the needs
definition of the goals, and of the budgets(financial, resource,..)
Specifications writing concerné  
pre-selection of 5 to 10 software's vendors concerné  
Consultation is sent to the vendors (RFP, RFI, RFQ, ...) concerné concerné
Response writing   concerné
Responses review concerné  
Short List determination concerné  
Presentation of the seelcted vendors concerné concerné
References sites visits concerné concerné
POC (proof of concept) concerné concerné
Debriefing, Final choice concerné  
Negotiation concerné concerné

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