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Logistics : choosing a solution

Changing your logistics software is the beginning of a great adventure !

As the pilot of a logistics project, All those questions you will examine them several times, with 5 to 10 vendors and you will see that each vendor have their specific features.
and in 6 monthes, you will have made a choice, for a rollout between 6 and 12 monthes later....

Even if concerning logistics choices can be easy !

Using BestFreeChoice's logistics platform simplify this job, because all those questions, have been answered in advance.
Professionnals, from logisticsconsulting firms, logistics customers or logistics vendors, we bring together all of the offers on the same platform. You just set up your project with us, and we tell you very quickly publishers the best vendors able to meet your project in terms of money, technic, and logistics functionnalities.
And all that with a very small cost during the whole pre-sales phase,because BestFreeChoice's business model is based on the participation of all the choosen vendors.
We realize then, under your control, the supervision of your logistics projet, in order to suppress any defaults and to guarantee the project is still in adequation with the RFP, and in less of 9 monthes (in average), your installation is ready to start !!!

So move the line, YES !

but without risks,through logistics professionnal consultants which will allow : but without risks,through logistics professionnals which will allow :

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