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Supply chain consulting - Our business value

Supply chain consulting allows you to decrease costs

50 % less on the cost : This is the figure our Supply chain consulting team propose to reach. Through a team of Supply chain consulting experts with a major Supply Chain knowledge, BestFreeChoice is able to speed up your choice. No more long discussions about specific issues, no more projects stopped. With BestFreeChoice and its Supply chain consulting team, everything is under control. The classical specifications, that took more than 150 days on the customer and on the vendors part, are reduced to a few man-days, through the assistant plateform of BestFreeChoice, which standardize a unique specification, filled in advance by the vendors, regrouping all the features you need for your business.

This Supply chain consulting business model generate by its own of substantial savings, because in opposition of traditionnal practices, the financement of the choice is made by the vendors. It allows the customer to save man-days to realize the project (instead of choosing it), and thus the vendors to invest only in "Win/Win" leads.

A Supply Chain Consulting service to create a new success story

Using the BestFreeChoice platform as a Supply Chain Consulting service, it's the guaranty to consult all the vendors, and to value their know-how. By expanding the scope of traditional research of Supply Chain Consulting companies, often limited to a small scope of well known vendors, you are sure to obtain the best adequacy between your needs and the choosen software.
Reducing the time dedicated to the choice of software, and offering the best match, and all that free for the customer, BestFreeChoice frees up resources to focus on the success of your project implementation.

Finally, only the winning vendors participate in the financing of the choice. This allows to achieve substantial savings in pre-sales, reducing costs in a Win-Win approach.

A Supply Chain Consulting service which assume his choices

Because working in confidence is essential your Supply Chain Consulting service committs to your side. Managing the project, BestFreeChoice's teams ensure that the project delivered fits with the initial specifications used for choosing the software. Thus, no more surprise to fear, all the features choosen will be implemented, on the time signed on the contractual agreement.

To work correctly, BestFreeChoice business model needs a total trasparency, whcich is essential for the vendors and the customers. BestFreeChoice commits to debrief regularly on all the bids, and to publish regularly statistics concerning the selected vendors.

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