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BestFreeChoice company

knowledge of your business

BestFreeChoice's team consist of Supply chain experts with many year of experience in all the logistics domains.

Those experts have worked :

National companies, international groups, for any activity, we know how to guide you through the selection and the implementation of the Supply Chain solution adatpted to your needs, vos besoins, your budget and your delivery leadtime.
BestFreeChoice is a partner of most of the Supply chain Independant Softwares vendors on the market (WMS, TMS,…)

The choice assistant platform

BestFreeChoice's platform, contains more than 1 000 criteria ranging from simple processes to more complex ones.
It is filled in advance, with the vendors member of BestFreeChoice.
The platform is frequently updated, in order to follow the vendors versioning, an to be sure to always provide the best solution.

The company

Legal Contact : Philippe Guilhaumou - 41 Rue Périer - 92120 Montrouge - France -

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