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Supply chain software - Vendor advantages

A new distribution channel for your Supply chain software

Using BestFreeChoice's platform enables supply chain software's vendors to access more bids (which some would not have been detected in a classical way). This is therefore an additional sales channel for your sales teams, in charge of your supply chain software.

By pooling the supply chain software's specifications upstream, BestFreeCHoice allows to eliminate lost pre-sales investment. The specifications are automatically filled through the platform, and its adequacy is examined in functionnal, technical and budgetary terms. the contact is established with the 2 vendors selected directly at the short-list time.

With a single cost when signing, whoever the editor and its supply chain software, BestFreeChoice allows you to invest only when the win ratio is maximum. This Win / Win mode also saves cost on the customer's side, because he will invest too much time in the choice making, and may better focus on the success of the project selected.

Our commitments : choosing impartiality for every supply chain software

With the supply chain software's vendors, BestFreeChoice committed to achieve an impartially choice. Statistics frequently sent to all the vendors, debriefing meetings realized on all the bids, media communication around the signatures, and the same payment method for all the vendors guarantees the absence of editorial preference.

BestFreeChoice's commitment is strong, both at the time of the choice and at the one of the deployment of your supply chain software. Indeed, by steering the deployment of the supply chain software we have recommanded, BestFreeChoice takes a major commitment, with the customer and the selected vendor.

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