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Stock management - Customers Advantages

A free service : the performance of your stock management system

By Choosing your stock management system through our platform, access to the excellence :

After the choice of your stock management system, we commit to your side to realize the deployment

BestFreeChoice committed to offer you the best stock management system through an impartially choice, based on the functional, technical and budgetary aspects.

Throughout the duration of the choice assistance for your stock management, privacy is complete, including your budget, the editors are only awared when the short-list is published.
No more needs to answer to all the vendor's questions, BestFreeChoice takes everything in charge.

Once the choice of your stock management system has been made, BestFreeChoice commits to your side concerning the steering of the project till the Go Live (minimum 2 monthes after the rollout). this additionnal guaranty sustain our relationship, and involves BestFreeChoice at the first time when studying the best adequacy.

This responsability, required by BestFreeChoice, is making us the essential partner of all your choices, and of the success of your implementation projects.

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