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Identification - Barcodes

Barcodes and identification

Today, more and more WMS specifications includes barcode or voice processes, and paper mode is only dedicated to degraded mode

Barcode scanning technologie sare completely embedded in all the WMS of the market, and allow to increase the reliability of orders preparation. Similarly, the voice technology, appeared in the 1990s is more and more asked.

But behind all these technologies, there are hardware managing barcode, to establish an interface between the machine (the gun, helmet, ...) and the WMS installed. Several barcode operators have different specificities, and your specifications are critical to make the Best choice which will give you the most possible satisfaction.

Make the right choice for your Barcode System

Choosing your barcode equipment is not only choose an offer that suits a functional initial specifications, it also choosing a service for a long time, integrating assistance in troubleshooting Some suppliers are committed to provide backup guns and even to change the hardware in a few hours, and it is important to understand the different levels of offerings in this domain.

The choice may also be based on the capacity to innovate, especially in the research of process optimization (eg the truck driven by automatic voice), fundamental for the Supply Chain.

Thanks to its market knowledge, and its partners' network , Bestfreechoice simplifies this research by undertaking a study of the perfect adequacy, depending on your needs, and for any vendor listed on the platfporm, and that for the whole set of barcodes BetsFreeChoice's partners. Best FreeChoice select barcodes equipment vendors, that know your activity and above all, master your business !

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